US Forest Management Services

Using our proprietary technology and industrial-scale algorithms, Forsite is able to provide detailed resource analysis services to support both strategic and operational planning and processes.

Forest Estate Modeling

Forsite can predict the flow of revenue from timber and/or carbon offsets into the future while assessing sustainable harvest levels. We use PatchworksTM to generate optimized harvest forecasts that consider detailed spatial constraints and operational logistics like road construction and haul costs.

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Cam Brown, RPF Resource Analysis
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Innovative Forest Inventories

Using our proprietary Timber Species Identifier (TSI) technology, Forsite builds richly detailed forest inventories from LiDAR using a combination of individual tree and area based forest inventory methods. This produces forest inventories that make you feel like you are standing in the forest while working at your desk. Attributes include species, tree lists, stand/stock tables, and statistically defensible volumes in far less time that traditional inventories.

View Forsite’s LiDAR Story Map and visit our Forest Inventory page for more information on our services.

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Mike Parlow Team Lead, LiDAR Inventories

LiDAR Analysis & Products

Forsite offers a comprehensive line of LiDAR analysis and processing services ranging from initial classification (or re-classification) of raw LiDAR point cloud data to a suite of customizable value-added products (Streams by class, slope themes, watershed boundaries, wetness indices, etc.).

Visit our Geomatics / LiDAR / Remote Sensing page for more info.

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Mike Parlow Team Lead, LiDAR Inventories

Wildfire Risk Management

Structured process to identify wildfire risk across the landscape. Clear management strategies to support wildfire risk response or mitigation.

  • Landscape level wildfire risk management for the forest sector
  • Community level risk identification and management
  • Utility/powerline risk analysis and management, tree intrusion analysis

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Randy Spyksma, RPF Senior Planning Forester
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Below are some examples of the value we are providing our US clients.

Oregon Forest Estate Modeling

Harvest volumes and carbon offset credits created each year and associated net values generated. Optimal tradeoff between carbon and harvest revenues was determined using Patchworks – a spatially explicit forest estate model.

Project Locations

Here are some of the locations in the United States where we’re delivering value. Forsite’s geographic diversity and size provides economies of scale to deliver quality, timely and cost effective forest management services.

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