Operational Planning

Forsite has both the operational forestry knowledge and the technology skills to ensure our clients realize maximum value from operational planning work. We provide efficient planning using detailed point feature information to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

We know how to identify harvest opportunities, we have the tools and understanding to cut through the complexity and the technical skills to develop harvest areas. We can identify all constraints at a stand level and develop blocks that comply with legal/policy requirements, harvest profile considerations, and economic objectives.

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Cutblock / Road Development

Forsite excels at providing full phase forest resource development. Our extensive team of forest professionals including Registered Professional Foresters, Registered Forest Technologists, Accredited Timber Evaluators and Timber Cruisers take a Project Management approach to provide cost effective, timber and resource planning. Starting from initial planning, drill downs, constraint management and regulatory forest management we work through to provide harvest authorities and appraisal information for our clients. By using LiDAR and other technologies leading into field reconnaissance and layout, we assure the best harvest application for each unique situation.

  • Constraint Management
  • Harvest Plans
  • Appraisal and stumpage support
  • Timber valuations and budgeting

Cruising & Appraisals

Forsite has a team of Forest Professionals focused on Timber Cruising, Timber Valuation and Appraisals. Having a solid understanding of BC appraisal and stumpage regulatory systems, we find the best value for our clients through knowledge and best practices.

  • Change Circumstance appraisals
  • Timber Cruising
  • Multi resource timber valuations
  • Appraisals

Assessments & Prescriptions

Forsite’s team of Professional Foresters and Forest Technologists have a wealth of experience in regulatory forest practices and forest management throughout Western Canada. Finding the best solution to fit the needs of the client as well as considering safety, sound forest land management, silviculture and economics is what we excel at. Ranging from on the ground field assessments to in-depth prescriptions, we have the experience and knowledge to provide the best solution in all situations.

  • Silviculture Prescriptions
  • Harvesting Authorities
  • Road Permitting
  • Silviculture and Road Liability Assessments

Visual Impact Assessments

A visual impact assessment (VIA) is more than just a legal requirement - a VIA represents your ability to meet the social responsibilities that come with managing a public resource like scenic values.

At Forsite, we take the time to understand your needs. We can complete VIAs for you including landscape analysis, percent alteration calculations and retention strategies and tactics that will mitigate your visual impact on the landbase. Our qualified professionals will sign and seal your deliverables.

Riparian Assessments

The identification, riparian classification and mapping of streams, wetlands and lakes, and the description of appropriate resource management practices is an essential part of sustainable environmental management.

Forsite's fully trained staff provide water and riparian management services.

  • Riparian Assessments
  • Riparian Marking and Management Services
  • Wetland and Stream Management Strategies
  • Sensitive Terrain Harvest Strategies

Steep Slope Development

A major component of British Columbia’s wood fibre pool exists on steep slopes where conventional ground-based harvest methods are not feasible. Forsite and its Forest Operations group uses innovative, leading edge techniques to provide harvesting solutions and access points to this resource. Finding solutions to challenges regarding safety, economics, regulatory compliance and road building are what we excel at. Using methods such as winch assist tether techniques as well as single and multi span cable harvesting, we work with our clients to find the optimal steep ground harvest method for the terrain involved.

  • LiDAR Data
  • Cable Harvesting
  • Winch Assist

Timberland Valuations

Forsite can support the valuation of timberlands through field based reviews and/or model based assessments of net present value (future cash flows).

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