Landbase Constraints Reporting

Understanding the state of the forest and how it relates to requirements for non-timber values is critical to operational forest planning. Forsite has developed detailed, automated processes for annual reporting against commitments such as watershed disturbance (ECA), wildlife habitat requirements, visual impacts, etc.

This type of reporting is necessary for:

  • Showing due diligence in audits
  • Maximizing efficiency of timber development and avoiding investment in areas that are locked up from harvesting
  • Ensuring protection of non-timber values

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Timber Supply Analysis / Fiber Supply Analysis

Forsite uses forest estate models such as Patchworks™ to analyze timber/fiber supply scenarios for large landscapes over hundreds of years.

The application of these tools helps our clients understand:

  • Sustainable harvest rates and/or tradeoffs between short and long term harvest levels
  • Impacts resulting from alternative management approaches
  • Harvest profiles (log size, species mix, haul distances, harvest systems, etc) and delivered wood costs
  • Optimal strategies for harvesting, reserves, or investment in forest lands

Cumulative Effects

Cumulative Effects Assessment attempt to quantify or understand the total potential impact of human activities and other influences on the land. Expectations to manage cumulative effects are increasing, with governments turning their attention to this at all levels. Through a clear understanding of land and resource values and goals, having processes through which to identify and track land and resource impacts and a range of modeling solutions, we provide support in the understanding and management of cumulative effects.

  • Cumulative effects analysis, resource analysis
  • Monitoring and measurement
  • Management strategies

Economic Analyses

Understanding the economic implications of resource management decisions is critical to sound forest management.

Forsite has extensive experience with:

  • Timber / Land Valuations
  • Economic Operability Assessments / Fiber Delivery Cost Profiles
  • Landbase Investment Strategies (salvage, rehabilitation, silviculture, infrastructure)
  • Optimization processes that match mill demands with the right logs at the right time at least cost


Navigating landbase constraints can be a challenge. Combined with access, engineering and timber quality specifications, locating available wood may seem impossible at times.

Forsite’s Woodfinder services are used by our clients to locate available wood and support the delivery of the right logs to the mill – from strategic analysis of landbase constraints to operational guidance for timber development programs.

  • Forest inventory and constraints analysis
  • Spatial tools to support locating wood
  • Timber recce guidance
  • Information management systems to track opportunity and progress

Growth & Yield - Models

Forsite has extensive experience with the application of existing growth and yield models.

  • TASS / TIPSY and VDYP (BC Models)
  • GYPSY and MGM (Boreal Models)
  • Prognosis / FVS (USA)

Growth & Yield - Empirical Curve Development

Forsite can support the development of empirical yield curves from plot data using statistical modeling techniques. This includes assessment of data for outliers, curve fitting, and statistics development.

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