Forest Management Plans

Forsite works with clients across Canada to develop forest management plans that meet regulatory requirements and clearly define strategic management direction for tenured forest areas.

These services include:

  • Development of management strategies to meet timber and non-timber objectives
  • Development of objectives, indicators, and targets that provided meaningful feedback on implementation of the plan
  • Growth and Yield program management and Yield Curve development
  • Forest estate modeling that identifies sustainable harvest levels and spatial harvest sequence.
  • First Nation and public engagement processes

Strategic Planning

Forsite provides strategic planning solutions and support for a wide range of specific problems:

  • Silviculture investment analysis and strategy development
  • Delineation of operating areas for volume based tenures
  • Biodiversity management strategies for old growth, patch size, in-block retention, etc.
  • Risk assessments and planning (fire, forest health, watersheds/hydrology)

Operational Planning Using LiDAR & Softcopy Technology

We provide efficient operational planning using detailed point feature information from LiDAR data combined with 3D softcopy imagery. Forsite’s team of experienced planners using 3D and LiDAR-based planning tools increase efficiency and reduce the costs of operational planning.

Our team uses LiDAR based technologies to calculate individual tree volumes and species identification in combination with LiDAR-based terrain tools and 3D softcopy technologies. We are able to design roads, stream crossings, locate cutblock boundaries based on timber values and engineering constraints and account for stream and riparian locations with a high degree of confidence and accuracy.

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Custom ArcMap Tools

Forsite has developed an ArcMap .NET Add-in which helps planners to layout roads, run deflections lines, analyze slope profiles of roads/streams/slopes, and summarize inventory attributes for a proposed block on the fly. ArcMap is the preferred environment for planning since it containzs the relevant context information needed to support decision making around block and road design (e.g. orthos, forest cover, LiDAR EFI, contours, streams, OGMAs, UWR, existing infrastructure). Prior to the development of this Add-in, planners would have to switch between ArcMap and other software like RoadEng or Terrain. By having all the tools you need in one environment, it greatly improves efficiency.

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Visual Resource Management

At Forsite, we care about scenic values and social responsibilities - often we are judged solely on how a project looks. We also understand the dynamics and complexity of delivering wood to the mill. That is why our team of visual resource management (VRM) experts can help you to incorporate visual landscape design principles into your operational and strategic planning. We take the time to understand your needs and offer support every step of the way.

  • Visual Impact Assessments
  • Visual Landscape Inventory
  • Visual Rehabilitation
  • Training and support

Climate Change Risk Assessments

The potential influence of climate change on forest and natural resource management is a pre-eminent challenge of our day. An effective response to these risks needs to involve 1) deciphering of climate predictions, 2) understanding potential impact on land and natural resources and 3) development of mitigation or adaptation strategies.

We offer a number of risk assessment services:

  • Climate change risk assessment
  • Climate change strategies for organizations
  • Mitigation or adaptation strategies

Wildfire Management

Wildfire is a shared public risk. It is important that government agencies be knowledgeable in wildfire management and have prevention plans in place. Forsite works with local and provincial governments to identify associated risks, both within and, surrounding local communities. In addition, Forsite assists in deciphering potential treatments that would be beneficial in reducing wildfire risk.

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Wildfire Risk Management Planning Services Beyond WUI

Forsite also offers strategic wildfire risk management planning (WRMP) professional services at a landscape level, typically beyond the 2km wildland urban interface (WUI) boundary.

The objectives of a WRMP process include:

  1. Define priority strategies for wildfire prevention and mitigation activities.
  2. Support informed wildfire response (e.g. suppression) decisions.
  3. Determine opportunities for the use of fire in response to identified risks.
  4. Integrate with other land and resource managers in support of coordinated wildfire risk management.

These strategic plans are based on the principles of risk management found in the CAN/CSA-ISO 31000-10 Risk Management - Principles and Guidelines Standards.

Access Management Planning

Road access on the landbase is needed to support development but also has the potential to have unintended impacts on other values. Bridging the gap between opposing perspectives (“Close the road!” “Keep that trail open!”) requires a systematic approach that is predicated on mutual respect and a structured and transparent planning process. We are able to bridge the gap, through focused operational deactivation planning to complex multi stakeholder access management planning processes.

  • Total chance/total resource planning
  • Stakeholder engagement, public meetings, information sharing
  • Operational access strategies and road deactivation

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