GIS Analysis and Mapping

Use GIS and mapping to communicate your plan and support your operations. Effective spatial data management, mapping and analysis can provide meaningful support to your organizations' goals. Forsite has staff across Western Canada that are focused on the use of spatial data mapping and analysis tools to support our clients’ success. From effective maps to complex spatial analysis routines and custom software, our expertise can help you get at the information you need to be successful.

  • Experts in ESRI GIS analysis and mapping services
  • Effective webmapping services
  • Remote Sensing and LiDAR Acquisition and Analysis
  • Custom ARCMap Tools

Data Hosting & Management

Information is important to you and your business. Getting access to the information you need is critical. Forsite provides data hosting services to support forest and land management clients. From custom databases and specific webmapping applications to integrated custom or off-the-shelf applications, we can support your organization through data hosting and management services.

  • Custom database development, data hosting and management
  • Web-enabled mapping environment
  • Data conversion, loading and ongoing management
  • Stakeholder Communications and Reporting Database

LiDAR & Imagery Acquisition

Forsite’s experience with coordinating LiDAR and imagery acquisition projects and our expertise in working with these data sources will help ensure maximum value from your LiDAR or imagery investment.

As LiDAR and/or imagery acquisition managers, we will:

  • Provide general LiDAR and imagery-related information and support
  • Assist in identifying appropriate LiDAR and imagery options to determine the optimal data acquisition specifications to meet project objectives and budget
  • Solicit quotes from multiple data acquisition providers to evaluate pros and cons pertaining to your individualized project
  • Perform independent QA/QC assessments of project deliverables to verify data specifications have been met

LiDAR Analysis & Products

Forsite offers a comprehensive line of LiDAR analysis and processing services ranging from initial classification (or re-classification) of raw LiDAR point cloud data to a suite of customizable value-added products.

Some of our LiDAR-derived value added product options include:

  • Terrain Products (e.g. DEM, classified slope and aspect rasters, hillshade rasters)
  • Hydrology Products (e.g. stream/drainage polylines, watershed delineations, hydro flow and accumulation rasters)
  • Forest Inventory Products (e.g. CHM, GridMetrics, tree counts, timber volume)

Operational Planning Using LiDAR & Softcopy Technology

We provide efficient operational planning using detailed point feature information from LiDAR data combined with 3D softcopy imagery. Forsite’s team of experienced planners using 3D and LiDAR-based planning tools increase efficiency and reduce the costs of operational planning.

Our team uses LiDAR based technologies to calculate individual tree volumes and species identification in combination with LiDAR-based terrain tools and 3D softcopy technologies. We are able to design roads, stream crossings, locate cutblock boundaries based on timber values and engineering constraints and account for stream and riparian locations with a high degree of confidence and accuracy.

Custom ArcMap Tools

Forsite has developed an ArcMap .NET Add-in which helps planners to layout roads, run deflections lines, analyze slope profiles of roads/streams/slopes, and summarize inventory attributes for a proposed block on the fly. ArcMap is the preferred environment for planning since it contains the relevant context information needed to support decision making around block and road design (e.g. orthos, forest cover, LiDAR EFI, contours, streams, OGMAs, UWR, existing infrastructure). Prior to the development of this Add-in, planners would have to switch between ArcMap and other software like RoadEng or Terrain. By having all the tools you need in one environment, it greatly improves efficiency.

Remote Sensing Analysis

At Forsite, we use state-of-the-art remote sensing analysis techniques as tools for developing and implementing innovative solutions individually tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our experience with remote sensing analysis spans various sectors including forestry, environment, mining, and urban.

Examples of our recent Remote Sensing Analysis projects include:

  • Analysis of high special resolution multispectral digital airborne imagery for detecting a Mountain Pine Beetle infestation
  • Object-based analysis of Landsat imagery to delineate wildfire boundaries and classify fire-affected areas into severity classes
  • Sub-pixel analysis of Landsat imagery for mapping the distribution and abundance of caribou lichen forage

Data Management & E-Submissions Using eziLink™

Forsite is a leader in delivering services to help meet government reporting requirements. We offer clear per submission rates and our professional team will facilitate in efficiently processing submissions for permitting, reforestation or other purposes.

We can also provide cost effective and mobile ready custom Stakeholder Databases to assist with stakeholder communications and reporting. For information on Stakeholder Database services contact our Alberta office.

Data Management (Spatial & Non-Spatial data, Webmap)

Information management solutions are important components of successful forest and land management. Focused implementation can improve efficiencies, create quality control parameters, support reporting and provide access to information that is needed to make informed decisions. Whether it is the development of a custom solution to support efficient recce and timber development programs or an effective way to manage your silviculture data.

We provide cutting edge web-mapping data services in support of on-off project based web-mapping. We can create custom databases or can enhance your ongoing subscription based services to support both your internal and external access to spatial data and maps. Web mapping tools support data mining, creation of basic maps and the viewing of your data with a variety of background data sources including imagery.

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