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Forsite is unrivaled in the depth of knowledge and skills we can apply to create innovative solutions that match your inventory needs.

Forest inventory has changed from manually drawing and interpreting polygons. While traditional photo interpreters still play a role in new data driven inventory processes, the types of tools now in play are shifting inventory processes to be faster and deliver higher spatial resolutions, with higher accuracy in attributes. These attributes include:

Individual Tree:

  • Diameter
  • Species
  • Height
  • Product


  • Basal Area
  • Tree List (size and height)
  • Stand Density
  • Total/Merchantable/Product Volumes
  • Species Composition

Polygon (Aggregated EFI plus…):

  • Age, Site Index
  • Historical Silviculture Records
  • Non Forest Attributes (water, rock, etc)
  • Canopy Layers and Tree Lists
The Individual Tree Inventory process includes species identification and assignment of tree level attributes.

At Forsite, we’re bridging the worlds of traditional and innovative inventories. We’re forest management specialists and bring our deep understanding of operational and strategic forest management to the process. We have multiple approaches to tackle forest inventories with innovative technology – with the aim of matching the end product with client needs. Whether you want to identify individual trees with log products by species, or you’re interested in more generalized biomass/carbon inventories, we can help you figure out which approach is right for your needs and create customized solutions.

Use the slider to show how our Individual Tree Inventory process delineates individual tree crowns from high density lidar to develop a forest inventory that is more a kin to a census.
Area-based inventory metrics are compiled in 400 m3 hexagons to provide an unbiased inventory that can be used to support planning or assignment of attributes to strategic inventory polygons. Slider shows hexagons (volume/ha) over individual tree inventory data (volume/tree).

Our breadth of forestry skills and knowledge combined with our technological capability allow us to offer a full suite of inventory products, and the ability to link operational and strategic inventories.

  • Standard Enhanced Forest Inventory (20x20m rasters)
  • Satellite Derived Species (20x20m rasters)
  • Individual Tree Inventories with Log Products by Species
  • Government accepted Polygon Inventories (built by aggregating Enhanced Forest Inventory / Individual Tree Inventory data)

The Forsite team has analyzed over 4 million hectares of forested territory, producing statically defensible volumes for timber supply modeling.

The following table summarizes the key highlights of various remote sensing methods by Forsite commonly uses to produce forest inventories. These options allow clients to find the right tradeoff between accuracy and value:

The value detailed innovative forest inventories provide:

  • Better informed risk management decisions (terrain, water, visuals, habitat, etc.)
  • Enhanced timber value extraction
  • Cost savings during timber development planning
  • Multiple scales of inventory
  • Detailed tree and log data
  • Reliable log supply and cashflow forecasting


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