Forsite provides professional environmental services that incorporate all facets of assessments, planning, coordination, and project monitoring. We succeed by taking an innovative and resourceful approach in responding to our client’s needs. We serve a variety of clients covering residential, commercial, agricultural, transportation and municipal sectors, as well as industries such as oil and gas, forestry, mining, and resort marinas. We manage a variety of applications to suit our client’s needs including: Section 11 Water Sustainability Act, Project Reviews to DFO, Navigation Protection Program, BC Land Tenures and Development Permits.

  • Riparian management plans
  • Construction and impact mitigation plans
  • Impact assessments and concept planning
  • Research and monitoring
  • Regulatory approvals, permits, and tenure acquisitions
  • Fish passage culvert inspection assessments
  • Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) assessments
  • Fish stream classifications

Carbon Offsets / Management / Accounting

Forsite has extensive experience with assessing carbon offsets in the forest sector and has worked with industry associations and provincial governments to support the development of Forest Carbon Protocols and evaluate potential offset projects.

Forsite can provide:

  • Offset project feasibility assessments
  • Carbon accounting, including harvested wood products (CBM, CBM-HWP)
  • Offset project implementation and project documentation

Project Management - Capital Projects and Professional Services

Forsite provides Project Management services for a variety of clients including all levels of government, corporations, small businesses, and private interests. We manage projects with existing policies and processes, as well as, creating unique approaches for new or unfamiliar projects. We use a ‘look-ahead’ model to track important achievements that ensures project components flow and stay on schedule.


  • Project planning
  • Coordinating resources
  • Liaison with government services
  • Project Charters / Proposal Writing
  • Contract Management
  • Project implementation and monitoring
  • Land, Water Tenure Applications and Development Permits
  • Public notices and referrals
  • Project Administration

Riparian / Wetlands / Water Assessments

Forsite specializes in environmental assessment and management services for all aspects of forest and resource development, providing focused expertise in assessments, planning and mitigation strategies to help support successful client projects.

Forsite offers expertise in the management of regulatory review and permitting processes, coordinating all aspects in order to deliver an approved project.

  • Impact assessments, research and monitoring
  • Riparian management plans, prescriptions and monitoring surveys
  • Regulatory approvals, permit and tenure acquisitions
  • Environmental monitoring plans, impact mitigation plans
  • Construction monitoring and long-term monitoring

Fish Stream Assessments

Forsite is able to provide effective support of planning and operations in and about streams in order to reduce costs while ensuring conservation of the resource during construction and maintenance.

  • Fish stream classification
  • Fish presence/absence, electrofishing, professional sign-off
  • Water, sediment and erosion control and management

Parks Planning/Management

Parks and protected areas represent key conservation value on the landscape. Recognition of this value within the context of tourism and recreation provides for unique challenges, as does the influence of natural disturbance and potential climate change.

Forsite is able to bring a structured planning process to bear on conservation and planning challenges.

  • Management planning, ecosystem management plans
  • Planning process facilitation, stakeholder engagement, plan development
  • Recreation assessments, management planning, prescriptions
  • Ecosystem restoration planning and implementation

Wildlife Assessments

Effective management of important wildlife or species at risk is a key tenet of integrated resource management. Operationally realistic solutions that provide meaningful conservation value are the solution.

Forsite works with in-house biologists and a series of external species-specific experts to support our clients with a wide range of wildlife and wildlife habitat conservation and management services.

  • Wildlife suitability/capability mapping
  • Wildlife habitat assessment, recommendations, professional biology services
  • Habitat management and restoration plans and prescriptions

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