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Operational Planning

Forsite’s knowledgeable team in Alberta provides efficient operational planning to assist our clients in attaining harvest approvals and increasing standing timber inventory. We can offer clients a complete package of services from plan generation to final cutblock submissions and understand that data management and attention to detail are key in finalizing government submissions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Preliminary Operational Planning
  • Forest Harvest Plans (FHP)
  • Annual Operating Plans (AOP)
  • Cutblock Updates and AVI Calls of Retention
  • General Development Plans (GDP) Client Support

Our Advantage

Our “Buncher Ready” operationalized plans enable focused field checks; thereby, reducing field time locating boundaries and watercourse locations, and allowing more time to focus on important non-timber values. We use the latest 3D softcopy technology and LiDAR data layers to:

  • Design operational harvest areas from spatial harvest sequence polygons
  • Determine planned road locations
  • Identify watercourse locations and associated road and skid crossings
  • Create tree retention patches
  • Identify areas with forest health or silviculture concerns, and
  • Add detailed point feature comments where there is a management concern, a feature that needs to be field checked, or rationale for the block or road design is provided

GIS Services

Forsite has assembled an experienced team of GIS specialists who provide our clients with custom data analysis, programming and client information system management and support.

Mapping and Spatial Data Management Services

Forsite has assembled an experienced team of GIS specialists who provide our clients with custom data analysis, programming and client information system management and support. Forsite’s mapping and spatial data management services are:

  • Development and management of data sets and data warehouses
  • Organization, standardization and conversion of spatial data to support our client’s strategic and operational planning and analysis needs; to
  • Working with our clients to support development of their own GIS and mapping capacity

Our Advantage

Our team of GIS specialists have been using ESRI technologies throughout Western Canada since 1991, creating a specialised network of skills and experience to draw from regardless of the location our project is based out of.

Stakeholder Database

We provide cost effective and mobile ready database solutions for Stakeholder Communication and Reporting including:

  • Data entry of communication records
  • Saving attachments to records
  • Queries and reporting made easy

Custom Arcmap Tools

Using innovative programming we can design custom ArcMap Tools to support strategic and operational planning.

Web Map Tools

A web map provides our clients an interactive method to display geographic information via a web browser in order to support internal and external projects.

Forest Management Plans

Forsite works with clients to develop forest management plans that meet regulatory requirements and clearly define strategic management direction for tenured forest areas.

These services include:

  • Development of management strategies to meet timber and non-timber objectives
  • Development of objectives, indicators, and targets that provided meaningful feedback on implementation of the plan
  • Growth and Yield program management and Yield Curve development
  • Forest estate modeling that identifies sustainable harvest levels and spatial harvest sequence
  • First Nation and Metis Settlements consultation and public engagement processes

Timber Supply Analysis / Fiber Supply Analysis

Forsite uses forest estate models such as Patchworks™ to analyze timber/fiber supply scenarios for large landscapes over hundreds of years.

The application of these tools helps our clients understand:

  • Sustainable harvest rates and/or tradeoffs between short and long term harvest levels
  • Impacts resulting from alternative management approaches
  • Harvest profiles (log size, species mix, haul distances, harvest systems, etc) and delivered wood costs
  • Optimal strategies for harvesting, reserves, or investment in forest lands

Cutblock Updates

Forsite is experienced at delivering annual cutblock updates for our clients. We use the latest 3D photogrammetric software technology combined with ArcGIS to delineate as-built cutblock boundaries, tree retention patches, roads, watercourse crossings, and other features our clients want identified. Inventory calls of tree retention patches are completed by our Level II Alberta Vegetation Inventory Interpreter.

LiDAR: Individual Tree Inventories

Individual tree inventories delineate individual trees in the forest canopy and assign a species, height, and DBH to each tree – which then allows for the direct calculation of tree volumes, log products, and piece sizes. This information can then be used to delineate stands polygons and provide attributes for these polygons (e.g. stems per hectare). Forsite works with Object Raku’s proprietary technology to complete this type of work.

Individual tree inventories are true operational forest inventories that give planners access to detailed cruise-like information across large landscapes. This allows for:

  • Reduced planning costs (faster/more effective officed-based planning, and higher confidence in operational planning)
  • Reduced recce costs (know before you go – field work used to finalize)
  • Improved targeting/scheduling of blocks to supply mill demands (know piece size and species %)

LiDAR: Area Based Forest Inventories

Where individual tree inventories are not possible, due to low LiDAR point density, an area (grid cell) based inventory can provide more generalized but excellent inventory information. While this type of inventory cannot provide detailed species or log product information, it can provide:

  • Volume per ha (biomass, gross merch, net merch)
  • Estimates of average stand DBH and height
  • Estimates of density (basal area, stems/ha, crown closure)

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